‘Keanu’ Red Band Trailer: Key & Peele gotta save the Cutest Kitten

Well, this movie looks perfectly preposterous in potentially the right way, given the minds behind it. Consider me sold, sir! I will take one ticket to this film’s showing.


For five seasons, Key & Peele was one of the funniest shows on television, a beautifully produced sketch comedy series that was literate and lewd, silly and sly, observational and controversial. Now, Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key look to continue that legacy with Keanu, which already looks like a frontrunner for one of 2016’s funniest movies.

Goofy jokes? Confrontational racial comedy? Gun battles? Drugs? The cutest kitten in the history of ever? Yeah, the new Keanu red band trailer has it all.

Keanu looks like a Key & Peele sketch stretched to feature length and it’s hard to find anything wrong with that. Peele plays a man who takes solace in a kitten, who he names Keanu, after going through a tough break-up. When the cat is stolen by gangsters, he teams up with his friend (Key) to get the cat back at all costs. Think of it as a strange comedic inversion of John Wick.