Weekend Open Bar: The New Scum’s Old Haunts

the new scum

The Weekend Open Bar. The old haunt of the Omegaverse’s New Scum. Where every weekend we can pry off our masks, slip off our gloves, and commune for a couple of days. We gather, away¬†from the back-breaking SpiceMines, the porcelain shit thrones that must be shined, from the glue factory and the Dagobah Diners. We gather here.

To spit about what we’re doing during our passing state of rest. Or liminal state of reprieve.

So how about it, comrade. What are you doing this weekend? What are you reading? Watching? Playing? Eating? What are your thoughts on the Daunting Effects of Entropy, on your life being reduced Big Data, on which way is the appropriate way to hang a toilet paper?

Let’s hang out.