First ‘Batman v Superman’ Pics: Evening Wear, Lex With Hair, and More


Oh, Lex Luthor.


Little is known about the extent to which Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman will be present in the film. Absent from the title and the trailer, and with little plot information to go on other than “Batman wants to know if Superman can bleed (presumably for purely scientific purposes),” her role could range in importance from central to a cameo.

So, for those interested in seeing as much as they can of the Amazon Princess, the only member of DC’s Trinity to never have had a feature film dedicated to her, any sign that her civilian identity will be interacting with the secret identity of one of her allies is pretty exciting. Now, if she were to go on to rescue a princess armed with nothing but a breadknife while Bruce Wayne sat back and ate a canape because he could see she had things well in hand, well, wouldn’t that just be super fun.