Monday Morning Commute: [[Console Cowboys | Cero Miedo]]


Welcome to Monday Morning Commute, friends. It’s pretty much the end of the day here on the Eastern Coast of the Empire, but hey. I’m but one FictionMan, attempting to cobble together the disparate entities of the Space-Ship into one meandering husk. So forgive me! And I have to cop to you. A variety of Really Privileged Problems have me a bit worn down, today. Oh, I got married. Boohoo. Oh, I was lucky enough to come back and have to start my job I have immediately. Wah wah. Oh, I’m buying a house and all that financial expenditure is sort of terrifying. Cry more. I get it.

I’m privileged. But all the same, it’s pretty fucking tiring.

However, the point of this column isn’t for me to WhineWhine all the way into Oblivion. Rather, it’s to share what I’m up to this week. The shows I’m looking forward to, the music I’m digging, maybe the book I’m actually going to read.

Then you hit me with your Obviously Superior Choice of Arts.

Let’s party or something who knows.


Mr. Robot was a great pilot.

Stoked for episode two.


Back to listening to RTJ2 again.

Like, all the time.


Have to go to a Home Inspection tomorrow.

If everything is kosher, shit is getting real.

Real quick.


Cero Miedo, guys.


So Terminator Genisys looks like a fucking turd.

And its getting reviewed as such.

Are you going to see it?

Am I?


How the fuck is Saturday the Fourth of July?

Where is this year going?


I’ve never actually seen Johnny Mnemonic.

I feel like I should.


Been stress eating (Laffy Taffy) all fucking day.

What’s your candy of choice?


That’s it for me, really. You know. Just stressing, and doing nothing much. Grading papers or something.