Tuesday Afternoon Commute: That Rotten Tooth


It’s Monday Morning Commute! Er. It’s Tuesday Afternoon Commute! How you folks doing? Me? I’m on my first day of break. And honestly I feel like I should be enjoying it more than I am. As a man of routine, the obliteration of my Daily Planner leaves me confused. Lost. Should I be productive and write? Or consume 3,000 calories? Go to the gym? Or play nine hours of Grand Theft Auto 5? My penchant is a predilection for self-destruction. So here are the various things I’m relying on to keep me (somewhat) functioning this week.


Saw Nightcrawler for the second time last night.

So good. Rendar’s first viewing.

He enjoyed, too.



Playing more Grand Theft Auto 5.

God bless games that give you content for your $60.

Grand Theft Auto 5


New At The Gates Album.

Pretty brutal-nice.

War With Reality.


One of OL’s besties, Savadave, is returning to the Left Coast.

For a week. 

Hail, Savadave.



Need to finish Black Mirror.

Black Mirror.


It’s like Tyson in the ’90s,

if I’m losing take a bite out!

Run the Jewels 2


Finishing Lovecraft anthology.

Blessed be break I guess.

lovecraft fucking loves salem


I wouldn’t mind seeing Birdman.

For a third time.



That’s it for me.

What you folks doing this week?