‘Episode VII’ Rumor: ‘Force Awakens’ Trailer showing next weekend before every film in 100 theaters

J.J. Abrams.

Man. Yesterday Slashfilm reported that The Force Awakens wouldn’t get a trailer before The Hobbit: Battle of Blah Armies. The report said that Disney was thinking “much bigger” than that. But if this rumor is true? Holy shit. Apparently next weekend the film is going to show before every single showing of every single movie in 100 theaters.

Making Star Wars:

It does take me back to The Phantom Menace and StarWars.com having a listing of the theaters showing the teaser with Meet Joe Black. The teaser in in this rumor is longer than the teaser we’ve been hearing about. But the additional time might be logos and stuff not pertaining to the actual edit itself.

I do not know a thing about this Reddit user. I’m just passing this on because at this point, we’ve heard so much, what’s another rumor, right? The rumor feels possible to me though. The only problem I see with it is how does this fit into the rules about trailers and stuff? The trailer on every single film seems excessive. However, it is at select theaters, so maybe that’s what makes it possible? I have no idea. There’s the rumor. Don’t shoot the messenger! I imagine if this is true, we should hear an official announcement really soon.

Thanksgiving weekend. Everyone is off (for the most part). Tons of people are at the movies, in-between corpulent shopping sprees. This, this could work.