Praise Be: ‘Lego Movie’ directors returning to write ‘Lego Movie 2’

lego the movie

The Lego Movie was goddamn fantastic. And while there are myriad reasons for the movie kicking ass, Phil Lord and Chris Miller are objectively 75% of those reasons. So the idea that they’re returning to write and produce the second one has me (once again improbably) excited for the flick.


The Lego Movie 2 has just attached two writers who should be intimately familiar with the Lego Movie universe. Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who helmed the original The Lego Movie, will be back to pen the sequel. Whether they’ll direct as well remains an open question. Get all the latest updates on The Lego Movie 2 writers and more after the jump.

Lord and Miller wrote and directed the first film to massive success. They took a concept that sounded terrible on paper and turned it into one of the year’s most inventive, entertaining films. The Lego Movie connected with general audiences and critics alike in a big way, grossing $468 million worldwide.

Naturally, Warner Bros. quickly started getting the pieces together for a sequel, setting The Lego Movie animation supervisor Chris McKay at the reins However, Warner Bros. announced earlier this month that it was fast-tracking a Lego Batman spinoff that would essentially take its place, stealing The Lego Movie 2‘s director and 2017 release date.

But that doesn’t mean Warner Bros. is ditching The Lego Movie 2. The current plan is to open the film sometime in 2018 with Lord and Miller writing and producing. Dan Lin and Roy Lee, who produced the first The Lego Movie, are also back to produce the follow-up. No director has been announced, so the door is presumably still open if they choose to return.

How about you, folks? Are you excited for this as well?