Ewan McGregor being considered for ‘Dr. Strange’

Ewan McGregor

Looks like Ewan McGregor could be fucking busy, fucking soon! Apparently the Bearded Force Babe may not just be collecting checks from the House of Mouse for an Obi-Wan trilogy. The son of a bitch is also being looked at for the role of Dr. Strange. Along with, you know, 75% of White Hollywood.


Marvel Studio’s Doctor Strange, directed by Scott Derrickson, is expected to be released July 8, 2016. It’s also expected to shoot in London beginning in 2015. What they’re missing is a star. Joaquin Phoenix was close to signing until that fell through and Marvel found themselves back at square one. Now, the latest name to be rumored for the goatee and cape is Ewan McGregor.

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Badass Digest reported the Ewan McGregor Doctor Strange rumor, stating the following:

Yesterday a new source contacted me and said that Ewan McGregor had been prepping for the role – doing the usual research actors do when looking at taking on an adaptation or existing character. I contacted one of my usual sources and asked if this was true, and I was told “They’re looking at him.”

McGregor is a safe but exciting possible choice. Obviously he’s a great actor with a massive range. Plus he’s a name people can get behind. A proven commodity. He’s also got plenty of geek credibility, having been one of the shining lights of the Star Wars prequels.

Christ on a cracker! JUST TELL ME WHO IT IS. I DON’T CARE IF YOU TELL ANYONE ELSE. I’m Entitled Comic Book Fan. I demand it all.