Marvel teasing new ‘Civil War’ comic event. All refried everything.


The fuck? First Marvel reveals that next year Secret Wars is making a comic book event comeback. And now Marvel is teasing a new Civil War event? All the old events! Redone! Spit-shined! For our enjoyment?! Ehhh. Though I have to say this sort of makes sense in a SUPER FUCKING SYNERGY sense, since the MCU seems to be building to some form of Civil War. But still.

Hit the jump for the promo image and details.


New York Comic Con is over, but Marvel Comics keeps the announcements coming in the form of a new teaser featuring Iron Man and Captain America playing a game of superhero tug-o-war with Iron Spider standing in for the rope.

Illustrated by Adi Granov, the image is presented with the cover treatment Marvel used for its “Civil War”event, and all three heroes are from that era as well. Aside from the “Civil War” logo, the only other text in the e-mail accompanying the image is a vague date of SUMMER 2015.


Thoughts? Speculation? Let’s speculate. Together. Holding hands.