NASA’s new Mars-Orbiter, MAVEN, is officially in orbit


Around the Red Planet, the secret Steve Jobs and Richard Nixon-led Illuminati are scrambling. Trying to cover up their Pyramids and Installations with optical camouflage. You see those pesky NASA folks have gotten themselves a new Mars-Orbiter set to gather data on Ares. This is dope for us. Not so much for the Illuminati.


It took just ten months for NASA’s water-seeking satellite to traverse the 442 million miles between Earth and Mars. And, now that it has successfully entered stable orbit around the red planet, it’s time to get to work figuring out where the heck all that water went.

The MAVEN spacecraft won’t pound the soil with ground penetrating radar in search of Dihydrogen Monoxide but rather observe the planet’s thin upper atmosphere for clues. According to a NASA press release published last Wednesday, remotely inserting a satellite into orbit from more than 400 million miles away was not quite as simple as it sounds:

The orbit-insertion maneuver will begin with the brief firing of six small thruster engines to steady the spacecraft. The engines will ignite and burn for 33 minutes to slow the craft, allowing it to be pulled into an elliptical orbit with a period of 35 hours.

Over the next six weeks, the MAVEN will finalize its orbit, unfurl its instruments, and boot up its analyzers ahead of a year-long mission to study the composition and structure of our sister planet’s atmosphere. [NASA]

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