‘Episode VIII’ News: Rian Johnson sort of spits about the next flick

Rian Johnson

Yeah! Fucking straight to the throat! I’m not just falling into self-parody with my Star Wars coverage, I’m falling into self-parody with a fucking Jar Jar Binks fleshlight stuck to my schlong. Rian Johnson recently opened up/didn’t really open up at all about his progress with Episode VIII, and I’m eating it up like the shameless glutton I am.

Johnson Skyped into the live 500th episode of the Filmspotting podcast to talk a bit about his new movies. Among his statements was this: “I’m really excited about all the things I can’t tell you.” He also joked about how he got the job, what it means to him and his respect of the prequels. Read all about Rian Johnson and Star Wars 8 below.

The Rian Johnson Star Wars 8 quotes came from the 500th Filmspotting podcast, as reported on by the Sun Times (via SW7News).

When first asked about the upcoming movies, Johnson said, “I’m really excited about all the things I can’t tell you.” He then talked about why he took the job. “The thought of it made me so completely joyfully happy,” he said. “I wanted to to play in this world, of literally the first movie my dad put me in the car to see.” Next he was asked how he got the job, to which he jokingly said “I can only assume it was a clerical error, like in the movie ‘Brazil.’ There’s a ‘Brian Johnson’ out there who is really mad.”

He described working at Lucasfilm (which is where he was sitting when doing the podcast, hence being on Skype and not in person) as “kind of like summer camp.” He said that, this early in the process, he’s been spending time showing his crew movies every single night. The night before the podcast they watched Twelve O’Clock High and Letter Never Sent, a Russian film.

Johnson was later asked what order he’d recommend a newbie watch all six Star Wars films and he responded “I would do (Episodes) 4-6 then 1-3. Storytelling-wise, 4-6 were constructed without the knowledge of the past.” As for those prequels, Johnson actually said he liked them. “There was something really beautiful about the prequels.”

“With these films, I am trying to harken back to the original ‘Star Wars’ …. Christmas special. We do have Jefferson Starship,” Johnson then joked.