Monday Morning Commute: For My Ally Is The Diet Dew


Ahoy, denizens of the Space-Ship Omega. Whether you’re a regular spending time in your own cabin on the Ship, or merely a smuggler stopping by for a refueling and some cheap protoplasmic omnisexual alien butt-poon before leaving, you’re all wonderful in my book. This is Monday Morning Commute, the column where all of us wayward organic meat-sacks share the various things we’re looking forward to on a given week. Or thinking about. Or anticipating. Or dreading.

Slide on up to the shit-smeared cantina bar, and knock back some synthetic oat sodas. Imma be quick with my own list though. It’s the first day back at the Helium Mining Factory on Asteroid X  and all the fumes got me dizzy. Rest assured you’ll find me lurking in the comments section though, pants-down, smile-applied.


Really excited for the new Expanse book, Cibola Burn.

Cibola Burn.


The new Mastodon leaked. I’m glad I pre-ordered it. ‘Cause it rules.

Once More 'Round The Sun


Didn’t get to play as much of the Destiny alpha as I would have liked.



Oh hey the new ETID album is streaming, too! Right here on YouTube!

From Parts Unknown


Seriously you should be reading Southern Bastards.

Southern Bastards


The second deluxe edition of DMZ is arriving tomorrow. I’m sprung.

DMZ Deluxe


That is it for me, folks. Now I’m going to shutter my cabin door and sleep off the dreadful Gravity Sickness. I’ll be back soon though, so in the mean time let me know what you’re up to!