Zack Snyder officially directing ‘JUSTICE LEAGUE’ for like 2018

Zack Snyder.

This is a hyper NO DUH x AH DAMMIT x EH? combo. We all knew that Justice League was coming, officially. Even if Batman vs. Superman featuring Cyborg, Wonder Woman, and Everyone Else seems like Justice League, unofficially. We sort of figured that Zack Snyder would direct. Now both are confirmed, but the already circuitous route to Justice League seems even more confusing. At least to me. I am admittedly dumb.

We always knew that Warner Bros. were planning “Justice League,” but nothing was concrete. Last summer there were rumors that “The Flash” would drop in 2016, followed by “Justice League” a year later, but with “Batman Vs. Superman” now taking the ’16 slot, that doesn’t seem likely (not to mention that whispers of a movie around “The Flash’ seem to have quieted). But today, WB has pulled the curtain back (somewhat) on their plans.

The Wall Street Journal reports that WB has made it official that “Justice League” is happening, though there are a few caveats. Firstly, the script is still being worked on and secondly, the movie isn’t expected to arrive until at least 2018 (get ready for four years of rumors, oy). But the big deal is that Zack Snyder is staying in the fold, and has been tapped to direct the movie, and the move makes sense considering (what everyone has long suspected) that “Batman Vs. Superman” will establish the team up movie.

“It will be a further expansion of this universe,” said Greg Silverman, president of worldwide production for WB. “’Superman vs Batman’ will lead into ‘Justice League.’”

But with at least a two year gap between “Batman Vs. Superman” and “Justice League” (and maybe longer), one wonders if we’ll get that “The Flash” movie, or perhaps the brewing DC comics project being built around Dwayne Johnson in between pictures. But we’ll have to be patient. WB is staying mum on which characters will join Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman in “Justice League,” and they have more than a few options to play with. But with Snyder at the helm, it looks like the studio is eager to maintain the tone he’s established with “Man Of Steel” throughout the franchise. [Play List]