Today is Second Annual ‘STAR WARS’ READS DAY, ‘Hand of Thrawn’ GET.

lol i cut off han's dumb head whatever

Today is the second annual Star Wars Read Day. The initiative is designed to use the famous franchise’s novels to push reading in bookstores and libraries across this country. Frankly I had no idea there was a first one last year, but I think it’s pretty goddamn neat.

I can recall a good amount of my adolescence being spent ripping through all the Timothy Zahn-written SW novels. Who knows if I would have developed into the Godless, mindless Anarchist that I’ve become if I wasn’t sucked into reading through The Force.

(That’s a lie, I’ve been a compulsive reader since my childhood, but that little fact doesn’t fit the narrative. So fuck it!)

In honor of this wonderful day, what is your fave Star Wars novel? Hit me!

I’m all about the “Hand of Thrawn” duology.