Kevin Wada’s ALL FEMALE ”X-MEN’ got style out the ass.

Whoop whoop.

A good goddamn, Kevin Wada’s envisioning of an (the?) all female X-Men is stunning. There is always something thrilling about seeing a talented artist bake a set of superheroes in actual fashion. You know, as opposed to the vag-n-butt highlighting nonsense they’re usually thrown into.


Over on his Tumblr, Wada explains the fashions he paired with each superheroine:

Rachel is grunge. Love her jacket, not so happy with her shirt.

Psylocke is NYC fashionista tomboy. Dip dyed hair (so trendy) and a butterfly print blouse.

I’m really happy with Kitty’s dragon t-shirt and bad ass heels. Had to get a shoe in there somewhere, people.

Storm is my 80s executive realness. Her earring is fashioned after the one Willi Ninja bought (he has the receipt) in Paris is Burning.

My southern belle is in a loud print and hose – she’s the only one in a dress. I wanted her in printed leggings but she was already such a patterned mess I decided against it.

And Jubes is just all over the place. Bikini and hot pants and a bedazzled jacket.

He also has prints of this and other pieces up at his store.

[Kevin Wada via Dean Trippe]

Stunning X-ladies by Kevin Wada.