86% of Netflix users say ‘HOUSE OF CARDS’ makes them less likely to cancel. Spacey riot!


What is a Spacey Riot? It is when a thousand clones of Kevin Spacey roll into your house. They begin kicking down objects, mashing them into bits while mimicking Spacey’s heinous Lex Luthor performance. You will cry and scream, but they will not relent. Should you even think of cancelling your Netflix subscription, they will end you. American Beauty style.

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The good news come via investment firm Cowen and Co., who last week conducted a survey stating that 86% of Netflix subscribers are less likely to cut ties with the streaming service after seeing “House of Cards.” Additionally, 36% percent called the series “exceptional,” while 43% deemed it “good.” Moreover, 1 in every 10 users have watched an episode.

While an enormous response for a gamble viewed with hesitance, keep in mind that the sample size is also tremendously small: Of the 1,229 U.S. consumers surveyed over two days in February, only 346 confirmed themselves as Netflix subscribers. 226 others did classify themselves as non-subscribers with access to the service, but still, suddenly the positive reaction whittles down to little more than a movie theatre worth of viewers. And don’t expect the content provider to drop any official numbers, as they’ve declared they have “no motivation” to do so, because their delivery method varies wildly from traditional TV.

However, rather than downplay the sample size’s comparatively small pool, the survey promises more original programming from Netflix if at all representative of the whole subscriber base. More so, the study should worry TV providers particularly, as 22.6% of Netflix subscribers said they’ve severed ties with their cable or satellite entirely to make room.

The $7.99/month price tag still remains a severe point of contention for most though (67.5%), so as long as Netflix keeps its quality of programming up while keeping its prices steady, all signs point to go for the future. As for “House of Cards,” its showrunner and head writer Beau Willimon tweeted that he’s writing seaons two now, with a planned start date for filming in mid-spring (though executive producer David Fincher may not be back to direct).