The Dude’s High 5s: Dream Jobs


There’s a lot of folk out there, and in the OL community, looking for jobs.  Part of the challenge of finding one is finding one that you won’t want to murder things at.  So in my second to last High 5 I’m going to pose a question.  That question is, what job(s), training and skill aside, would you dream about having?  Here’s mine, feel free to share yours.


5. Stage Magician

Stage Magician.

Before anyone says anything, yes, I understand how creepy and pathetic magicians are.  However I enjoy the hell out of sleight of hand and optical illusions.  This one might be a holdover from my youth.


4. Settler

Moon Bases.

This one might sound a little weird at first.  Hear me out.  At some point soon, we’ll have a Moon base.  Maybe after that we’d have a Moon city.  Who would live there? Me.  Anything to get off this blue marble of depression.


3. Screen Writer

 Screen Writing!

I would love to get the chance to write for a TV show or movie.  I’m kind of doing this on the amateur stage right now, so I guess my dream is to just get paid properly for it.


2. Voice-Over Actor

Voice over acting things.

For those of you that don’t know, the Dude has a smooth, melodic baritone that he can trot out at will.  This audible chocolate is crack for the ears.   I’m also decent with accents and can bend my voice some.  The biggest attraction is the great pay for such a small amount of work, freeing you up to pursue other interests.


1. Middle Relief Pitcher   

Middle Relief.

Back in the day, the Dude had a mean fastball.  Due to injuries, and slow progression, the Dude’s dream of pitching in the majors was crushed.  However, the Dude could still refer to himself in the 3rd person.  Back to the subject as hand, the question I get when I mention this is “Why middle relief?  Why not an ace or a closer?”  Well, middle relievers get paid pretty well for their services, they have little to no pressure on them, and they can enjoy their lives as no one mobs them for autographs.  Sure, the Hall of Fame is virtually unattainable, but no one is coming up to you and complaining that you ruined their fantasy season.


So what job(s), training and skill aside, would you folks dream about having?