JUSTICE LEAGUE + EDO JAPAN = gorgeous artwork by Chet Phillips.

Justice League goes by Edo Japan by Chet Phillips.

There is something excellent about imagining our modern myths (comic books, groan at that cliche, whatever) in different settings. Tony Stark as a male stripper, taken in by a confused Steve Rogers. Green Lantern as a Ryan Reynolds (ludicrous, I know), or how about the Justice League in Edo Japan?

Smash das jump for the full glory.


Artist Chet Phillips places Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman in a distant era in this Japanese woodblock-inspired illustration. But these three haven’t met an anachronism they didn’t like—especially when it comes to their probable foe, a certain radioactive monster stomping through the background.

This print, titled “Sanctuary,” is available at Phillips’ Etsy store, where he sells prints of everything from steampunk monkeys toliterary cats and dogs.

Sanctuary [ChetArt via Xombie Dirge]

Justice League goes by Edo Japan by Chet Phillips.