HUMAN BUTT PILLOWS are a real service Japan offers. Oh, you guys.

I don’t understand Japan. That’s okay. I am certain many peoples from many nations don’t understand the hormone-soaked shores of America. Even without understanding, there is still the ability to marvel at the establishment of such Japanese places like this joint. Here in this wonderland, for some serious cheddar, you can rest your head. On a woman’s ass.


Soine-ya is a “snoozing with women” establishment that first opened in Tokyo’s gaming and geek district, Akihabara. Since then, Soine-ya has become popular enough to open another branch in Tokyo’s Shinjuku.
Soine-ya is just sleeping with women, not sleeping with women. But for a price, you can rest your head on some woman’s tush. A very steep price. There’s a new service being offered called “Butt Pillow”. The rate is ¥1,000 (US$11) per minute.

Recently, Japanese late night variety program News Flash! B-Grade News Show introduced the service.