Five ‘GRAND THEFT AUTO V’ screens upside your head on Christmas Eve.

Ho-ho-ho! Jesus Christ why did I type that. Moving along. Here are some new screens of Grand Theft Auto V, reminding you what gaming glory awaits us now that Mayan Apocalypse has passed.


Rockstar Games’ next giant crime caper is going to be massively hugebig enough to warrant lots of air travel. This we know. But it looks like players will be getting up to no good in the oceans, too.

The bathysphere, scuba gear and massive frikkin’ shark in these new screens hint that you’re also going to diving into some deep underwater hijinks, too. And, hey, dog is your co-pilot, too! How cool does that Rottweiler look in that ride? Cooler than that Fable 2mutt, that’s for sure.