Image Publisher Eric Stephenson on AvX: Who will care in 10 years? This dude rules.

Eric Stephenson continues to dominate both the comic landscape and my heart. The Image Comics publisher has lobbed some bombs at Marvel’s current assy Super Event, pointing out the obvious: no one is going to give a shit in a decade.

Robot 6:

“Part of what we do is make good comics, and we want to be the best version of Image Comics. But part of what we do is create a sustainable market. It has to be a part of what we do. Things like Saga and Walking Dead andFatale, these are things that people want to return to. People can recommend these things to their friends, even people that don’t read comics. As opposed to tailchasing events, these yearly spike makers, but who’s going to be talking about AvX ten years from now?”

– Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephensonon how the company contributes to the health of the industry

Love it.