Mauro Perucchetti Sculpts Batman and Superman Like Famous Work Of Michelangelo. Awesome.

All sorts of twisting ideas into one sexy knot of pop culture riffage. Comic books as modern myth meet creation myth meet Michelangelo courtesy of  Mauro Perucchetti.

Comics Alliance:

Taking a chisel to marble, sculptor  Mauro Perucchetti  put a superhero twist on Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam” painting by sculpting the “World’s Finest” lineup of Batman and Superman (with Superman apparently ironically modeled  after a self-portrait  of the artist himself). Originally displayed as a focal piece of his “Modern Day Heroes” installment at the Halcyon Gallery in London back in 2010, the work has since been displayed at several venues around the world. The statue’s blank white exterior stands in contrast with much of his more recent work, which includes brightly colored translucent glass sculptures of police batons, skulls, grenades, gel capsules, hypodermic needles and other icons associated with death and modern stigmas. Of course, he also sculpted the Buddha in Skittle hues, returning once again to an irreverently infusing religious symbolism with his pop culture sensibilities.