The Dude’s High 5s: Top 5 Sidekicks.

We all are the heroes of our own stories.   So what does that make our friends?   Our loyal sidekicks of course.   But if they are the heroes of their own stories, does that make us their sidekicks?   It’s a bit confusing.   So today’s High 5 is a salute to the sidekicks and second fiddles out there that don’t have identity issues.   They are there to support our lovable protagonists and put their own interests aside for the sake of their friend’s goals.   So here we go, these are the people I want riding shotgun if I have to step up and save the world … or solve a crime … or find a way to get reasonable prices on Red Sox tickets (If I even wanted to see a 5th place team in person).


5. Gus (Psych)

It is a shame that you probably don’t know who this is.  Psych is kind of a silly show about Shawn Spencer, a hyper-observant ne’er-do-well who poses as a psychic to solve crimes.  One of Shawn’s core assets is his best friend Gus.   Gus is by trade a pharmaceutical salesman and notorious tap dancer.   Gus is smart and observant in his own right, and despite his self preservacious nature, he puts his life on the line countless times to save his friends.   He is very knowledgeable about medicine and its application.   He’s also big into aliens, quantum mechanics, and cryptozoology.   He really is like a walking Wikipedia.


4. Sam Axe (Burn Notice)


Sam is the guy who knows every guy who can get things done.   He has an inexhaustible list of buddies that owe him favors.   If Burn Notice’s Michael Westin is a mix of MacGyver and James Bond, then that makes Sam a hybrid of Pete and Q.   Through various contacts he’s made over the years he’s able to provide his friends with classified information, cover identities, weapons, and supplies that they might not have access to.   Oh yea, and he’s a former Navy SEAL.   Sam is truly the best friend anyone could ask for.   If Frodo had this Sam they would have tossed the ring into Mt Doom in two days and been back at the beach for mojitos.



3. Alfred Pennyworth (Batman)


Fuck Robin, Alfred is where it’s at.   Alfred is tasked with providing Bruce with the information and tools he needs to keep up his appearance as a playboy billionaire.   Alfred is also a combat medic with military training and a worldliness that belies his seemingly stationary living situation.   Batman cannot function the same without Alfred manning the manor.


2. Dr. John Watson (Sherlock Holmes)

The radio plays of Sherlock Holmes fucked up this character so much.   They made him into a bumbling oaf.   In truth Watson is a military doctor who has seen combat and survived it.   Not only does he pick up on Sherlock’s ramblings, but eventually he learns to anticipate the thoughts of Sherlock Holmes, something few could do.   With the revival of the stories in the form of film and television, it is nice to see this character return to the halls of badassery.

(P.S. No offense to Jude Law, who is a great Watson, but I like Freeman better.)


1. Chewbacca (Star Wars)

How could this list end any other way?   Normally I don’t like pushing these lists on people, as they are subjective, but here we run into fact.   Chewbacca is the best sidekick ever.   Done.   Cut.   Print.   He’s strong, smart, loyal, friendly, ferocious in a fight (or a friendly game of space chess).   He drives you places and will help you fix your car.   I bet he would help you move and drive you to the airport on the same day.   Chewy knows the meaning of friendship.

So who would you want riding shotgun on your adventures … you know, after Chewbacca of course.