Charlie Kaufman To Write and Direct HBO Series? I’ll Take It.

Wasn’t expecting Charlie Kaufman to get into the television game, but I also wasn’t expecting the dude who craft a novel. I need to just sit back and let the dude create.

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[Like]  so many filmmakers, from  Martin Scorsese  to  Michael Mann,  Kaufman’s being tempted into the television world, with  Deadlinereporting that he’s set up a project that he would both write and direct at  HBO. The series, which sparked a bidding war, is described as a half-hour comedy that serves as “an exploration of one day in a woman’s life and how the events leading up to it can affect, or not, the reality in which she lives,” Yep, that sounds like Charlie K.

And what’s more, Kaufman is bringing along one of his longest-serving collaborators along, as  Catherine Keener,  who starred in “Being John Malkovich,” cameo-ed in “Adaptation” and is attached to appear in “Frank or Francis,” will play the lead role, her first serious venture into television in a couple of decades (her last appearance on a TV series was on a “Seinfeld” episode in 1992). The actress will also produce the show, while Kaufman will serve as executive producer. It’s unclear if it’ll go to pilot first, or if it’s been ordered straight to series, but either way, this is another impressive feather in the cap for HBO. We’d worried that this might mean curtains for “Frank or Francis,” but Deadline still says that’s Kaufman’s next project, while this still seems to be in development; presumably, this’ll move forward once that, and his writing obligations on “The Knife Of Never Letting Go,” are wrapped up.

Unexpected, but cool. I’m down for pretty much anything the good sir is wanting to do.