An Entire Town In Wales Is Covered In QR Codes; Augment EVERYTHING.

Ain’t this an interesting eye sore all over the teats of a town in Wales. Riffing off of a TED talk that talked about doing an entire down in QR codes, they’ve plastered more than 1,000 codes onto their structures and such.


I don’t hate this QR codified town. Don’t get me wrong, QR codes are still awful and useless and silly but if you want to do it, you might as well go all the way, right? The town, Monmouth in Wales (bless those crazy Brits), decided to embrace the challenge from a TEDx talk to “do a whole town” in QR codes. The whole project took six months of work, thousands of codes, 500 new Wikipedia articles in 25 different languages and an ignorance to ugly to pull off but this past weekend, Monmouth was finally able to declare itself the first Wikipedia town in the world. People who visit Monmouth can scan QR codes which are literally everywhere and learn more about what they’re seeing on Wikipedia. It’s like a next-gen amusement park, a full-fledged tourism experience.

Sort of ridiculous, I’ll admit it. However as a dude who wants his fucking jet pack and his augmented reality contact lenses, I say let us charge further into the abyss. Even if the current situation is a bit gaudy.