THE ROCK Teases Potential DC Comics Superhero Movie. “BEFORE WATCHMEN: BEFORE THE BEFORE”, IMO.

With The Dark Knight Rises  concluding the Nolan/Bale chapter in the Bat-Verse, the DC is looking like it has approximately no  quality movie franchises at the moment. What are they to do? Bank on Zack Snyder? LOL. Seriously, c’mon now. Maybe! Just maybe though, The Rock can save them?


Yesterday,  Dwayne Johnson  (aka  The Rock) tweeted this vague response, igniting rumors that Johnson is in talks or cast in an upcoming DC Comics movie adaptation. Many fans responded to The Rock’s tease, but got no response. So what might The Rock have up his sleeves? Could there be a Warner Bros/DC Comics movie in the works? Or is The Rock just trying to get his fans talking (sometimes a lot of nonsensical buzz can turn into reality).

I remember back in 2007 that Johnson was attached to play Black Adam in a big screen adaptation of the Captain Marvel comic book  Shazam!. Somewhere along the line, that project fell off the board. Has the project been rekindled? Or more likely, is Johnson in talks for another DC Comics property? If so which one?

I’m telling you. Brett Ratner. The Rock. Before Watchmen: Before The Before; The Comedian’s Tale.