‘SWAMP THING’ x ‘ANIMAL MAN’ Event ‘ROTWORLD’ Kicks Off In Their 12th Issues.

Despite not reading Animal Man  or Swamp Thing  (listen I’m buying the trades, get off my ass), I’ve been kept abreast of their interweaving storylines courtesy of my brother. These mingling storylines will be coming to a head this August in the 12th issue of both titles.

Robot 6:

August  brings the preludes to the  Swamp Thing/Animal Man  crossover that writers Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire have been talking about for awhile now, as Team Red and Team Green take on The Rot. According to Lemire, the crossover,  Rotworld, is an “epic superhero/horror story” that he’s been working with Snyder on for the past year. “Buddy Baker and Alec Holland join forces to lead a pre-emptive strike deep into The Rot, the consequences of which will tear both of their worlds apart forever,”  he said on his blog.

The crossover runs through each title’s 17th issue and will feature art by regular series artists Yanick Paquette and Steve Pugh, who worked together on the above joining covers for  Animal Man #12  and  Swamp Thing #12.

Pretty radical. I’ll get to it eventually, okay? I will! I promise.