The OMEGA NEBULA Is Real; Clearly Best Nebula Of All.

Yeah, we got our own nebula. Big whup. It ain’t even that fancy. I wish I was consulted when the rest of the gang was choosing our own star-forming section of the Universe, I would have chosen something with more swag.


In the depths of the  dark clouds  of  dust  and  molecular gas  known as the  Omega Nebula, stars continue to form. The  above image  from the  Hubble Space Telescope’s  Advanced Camera for Surveys  shows exquisite detail in the  famous star-forming region. The dark  dust  filaments that lace the center of  Omega Nebula  were created in the atmospheres of cool  giant stars  and in the debris from  supernova explosions. The red and blue hues arise from  glowing gas  heated by the radiation of massive nearby stars. The points of light are the  young stars  themselves, some brighter than 100 Suns.  Dark globules  mark even  younger systems, clouds of gas and dust just now condensing to form  stars  and  planets. The  Omega Nebula  lies about 5000  light years  away toward the  constellation  of  Sagittarius. The region shown spans about 3000 times the diameter of  our Solar System.

I mean, I guess its cool. Plus!, it’s only 5,000 light years away.