MYSTERIO Is The Villain For Marvel’s ‘SPIDER-MEN’. Pshaw, Miles Got This.

Marvel wants you to know the villain that’ll have Miles Morales and Peter Parker joining together for one vicious Spider team. Or rather as I see it: the villain that Morales is going to have to save Parker’s dumb ass from. Mysterio! Boom!


When  Marvel Comics  June “Spider-Men” mini series — a crossover between the classic Marvel U and the Ultimate Comics Universe set to celebrate Peter Parker’s 50th Anniversary —  was announced, the company played off the villain of the piece as mysterious. And now we know why.

USA Today has the scoop  that Mysterio — the helmet-headed illusionist that dates back to Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s days on the comic —  will be the one to bring Parker and new Ultimate Spidey Miles Morales together for one adventure. “Mysterio is up there with the most dangerous criminals that Spider-Man has come up against,” writer Brian Michael Bendis told the paper. “When I was a kid, I found some of his stories to be terrifying. It just got so personal. When he does his thing right, he delves in and gets deep into a psyche that doesn’t deserve that kind of punishment.

“He bought a gross of fishbowls at one point and is just sticking to them. Most villains, all you have to do is step out of their eye line and they can’t see you. But he can turn his head and can see you from all directions.”

Don’t sweat it. Morales got this shit.