The ATMS In Vatican City Speak LATIN. Baller Status.

Ha! I knew that everyone who mocked me for taking Latin back in the day was wrong. Dead language, my ass! All I need to do is take a trip to the throbbing crotch center of Catholic power to wield my Latin as I withdraw money. The same money that I will obviously be using to buy a sick replica of the Pope’s silly ass hat.


Turns out those four years of high school Latin might not have been the complete waste of time you thought they were.

Besides being able to translate the inscriptions on money, if you happen to find yourself in Vatican City–the the Pope’s neighborhood and the seat of Catholic power–you’ll be able to get cash without having to ask for help or fumble through menus until you find the English option.

I am redeemed! If I could remember how to say this in Latin I totally would!