EDGAR WRIGHT & SIMON PEGG Have Script For ‘The World’s End’, Fanboy Squee!

By golly, by golly. It appears that the third flick in the Blood and Ice Cream is finally getting ready to be birthed into this world. There’s a script for it, folks! There’s a script.


Pegg has posted a photo of the cover page for a second draft of what will presumably be the third film in the ‘not quite a trilogy’ set of films referred to as the Blood and Ice Cream series. (Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz are the other two, with the films linked by a playfulness towards genres, and the Cornetto brand of ice cream.)

The date on this cover page is listed as 5/2/12, which one might interpret as February 5 of this year, in which case this draft has been finished for some time, or the upcoming May 2. Speculate all you like as to which date is the real one (both writers being British I’d expect Feb. 5) but the takeaway is simple: this one is happening, people. Full photo follows.

I know we took our sweet time but as soon as I get back from outer space, we can finish this thing once and for all twitter.com/simonpegg/stat…

Despite their individual work on such freshness as Scott Pilgrim  and Star Trek, I think I speak for a lot of fanboys and fangirls when I say that I’ve been hankering for this grand Pegg/Wright reunion.