GOOGLE’S GLASSES Patents Hint At HELMETS To Match. Clunky ++

…How long will we augment reality before we just call it reality? Eh, just something that fall out of my ass right now. More relevant to this whole news post thing is me telling you that a patent Google registered totally points towards a helmet to compliment their AR glasses. This doesn’t make sense.


It looks like Google has been making moves to lock down the intellectual property behindProject Glass. The company has been granted three patents that could give some clues about the guts behind the augmented reality specs, aside from the teaser that dropped earlier in the month.

Two of the patents are for “Multi-use eyeglasses with human I/O interface embedded” and “Ambient light display and system for displaying data.” The first essentially refers to the system we saw previewed. The filing says it “comprises a frame, a display device, at least one sensor, and a transceiver” which would be mounted to the frame to receive a message. The second is the nuts and bolts behind the futuristic eyewear, a “system for displaying data [that includes] a display unit and a transmitting unit.” However, this one also has a drawing of a heads-up display inside a helmet, indicating that Google probably has plans for its glasses beyond consumer-end use, perhaps in military or police operations.

The other is for a “cell phone display that clips into eyeglasses,” meaning the technology could work with prescription lenses as well. It allows for a housing installed with clips that could be “removably secured” to the frames and a sensor that could sense when you’re wearing the spectacles. Another housing would be attached to the first in order to display the image through the lens.

Don’t they want to go less clunky? We’re supposed to be progressing towards AR contact lenses! That’s what my science-fiction tells me. Not this! This is so Spook Country ┬áby William Gibson and not Zero History. Though the idea that this will be used in some sort of military helmet would explain it/make way too much sense.