‘AVENGERS’ DVD Will Include “At Least” 30 Minutes of Deleted Scenes. Yeah Okay Cool.

The Avengers DVD is going to come with “at least” 30 minutes of deleted scenes, and the rate they’re going these might be the only scenes we haven’t seen prior to the movie being released. Like, come on Marvel. We’re all both jacked, and pumped about this flick. You don’t need to show full areola.


You might have heard that Joss Whedon’s original version of The Avengers was very different from what we’ll see in theaters – in particular, Whedon originally hit on Captain America as the viewpoint character. We would have seen a lot of Cap’s journey as he adjusts to life in the present day, and that would provide us with a relatable vantage point in the film.

In the end, though, a lot of the early Steve Rogers scenes got cut out of the film. In particular, Whedon tells Collider, there was supposed to be a scene in Steve’s Brooklyn apartment, as part of a sequence where he’s struggling with his isolation – until Whedon decided the shot of Steve punching a punching bag by himself at night tells us everything we need to know. Also, there was supposed to be a scene where he’s reunited with Peggy Carter, and he talks about the loss of the social safety net that existed in his time, including the need for affordable healthcare for everyone – which is sort of a topical issue right now. The good news is, there will be “at least 30” minutes of deleted scenes on the eventual DVD, according to Whedon.

The good news? Whedon says that his favorite character moments and bits of “texture” are still in the film. He tells Collider:

There were so many little moments that I thought, “They’re going to make me squeeze this out,” and they never did. Once we had the structure down, they really wanted it to breathe and for these things to be as textured as they could be.

Oh, and separately, Whedon clarified that the alien race in the movie are indeed the Chitauri, an obscure race, “because they are not one of the key races and they don’t have a storied history. That wasn’t the point. I know this debate will go on long after I’m dead.”

I haven’t bought a DVD in many a minute, but this is one I could seriously get behind. Provided the flick doesn’t suck. It can’t suck, can it? I mean, how can something this so hyped let me down. #StarWars#Matrix#Spider-Man3