CAPTAIN AMERICA’S Reunion With Peggy Was Cut From ‘AVENGERS’; Double Dang.

I got a bit of the onion-eye at the end of Captain America. Captain America all like “nothing is more important to me than country! yeehaw!” as he plunged into the depths leaving behind his pretty albeit underdeveloped love interest. Wheddon penned a reunion between the two, but unfortunately that shit got the axe.


In an interview with the  New York Times  (via  io9), Whedon  described the present-day meeting between Steve and Peggy that unfortunately wound up on the cutting room floor:

One of the best scenes that I wrote was the beautiful and poignant scene between Steve and Peggy [Carter] that takes place in the present. And I was the one who was like, Guys, we need to lose this. It was killing the rhythm of the thing. And we did have a lot of Cap, because he really was the ‘in’ for me. I really do feel a sense of loss about what’s happening in our culture, loss of the idea of community, loss of health care and welfare and all sorts of things. I was spending a lot of time having him say it, and then I cut that.

Alas. Fare thee well, Old As Fuck Peggy Carter.