Drunk Hulk Cosplayer Caught Selling Cocaine, Gets Two Years In Prison.

The drug game is hard to break into, ya know? Can’t just roll up into somebody’s turf, let alone establish yourself as a reputable source. How did one dude do it? Started dressing up as the fucking Incredible Hulk. It brought ++ attention, which unfortunately (unfortunately?) led to +++ prison time.

Comics Alliance:

A man was  sent to jail for two years  last week following a  curious drug arrest in Coventry, West Midlands, England. Scott Anderson was caught  selling cocaine  in April while  dressed like the Incredible Hulk, a Marvel Comics superhero with green skin, attire that made him easily identifiable by police. No explanation has been offered as to why Anderson was dressed as the Hulk — such as attending a costume or “fancy dress” party — so we choose to believe he simply does so as a matter of routine.

The Coventry Telegraph  reports that Anderson was intoxicated and attempting to sell his excess cocaine to passersby at the city’s SkyDome Arena. Police were alerted to the man’s actions and had no trouble finding him because, as previously mentioned, Anderson was painted green and dressed like the Incredible Hulk. Arresting officers discovered cocaine as well as five grams of cannabis in one of his sneakers — footwear that, we should point out, is not presently in-continuity for the Hulk (non-canonical cosplay remains legal in England).

Anderson’s lawyer stipulated to the conspicuous nature of the Hulk costume and the foolishness of the act, but argued that his client was not a serious drug supplier.

“This was a serious lapse on his part, a serious lapse and aside from the comedic element, his dress, he couldn’t have stood out more to police.

“This was a drunk man seeking to get some money back for a purchase that he had made for himself,” he added.

“It was a drunk attempt to get his money back on his way home. That’s very different from low level street dealing.”

Unfortunately for Anderson, the court found little mercy to show the beleaguered Hulk cosplayer, as he had already served jail time ten years earlier for selling heroin and ecstasy. The record makes no mention of what if any superhero costumes Anderson wore during the previous incident, but if he was selling ecstasy, it seems likely he was dressed as Dazzler.

Reality > fiction.