Cliffy B Says ‘Wii U’ Haters Talk Shiz, Will Buy It Anyways.

Dude Huge has been spoutin’ off lately, and I’m all for it. The new object he’s aiming his Lancer at? Nintendo haters. Cliffy B hast seen the Wii U, and claims that those running their mouths about it are full of shit. They’ll be snagging it anyways.


“From what I’ve seen, it looks pretty cool,” he declared. “It seems like you can stream your game from your television directly to your controller, so if you have irritable bowel syndrome, or a small bladder, you can still play it in the toilet.

“That’s great. But, you know, from what people are saying online, they’re like, ‘Oh, it’s just a DreamCast, whatever.’ But it’s like, ‘Dude, what’s old is new sometimes.’ The Power Glove led to the Wii, the Virtual Boy led to the 3DS, right? A lot of these older technologies that you forget about are [the technological predecessors]. The Kinect is a sophisticated webcam, right?

“So I’m just dying to see it. It’s Nintendo. I’ll buy it. I know I’ll buy it. They’ll talk sh*t but they’ll buy it.”

As much as I adore the ponderings of the Dude of Hugeness, I disagree. A lot of the people I’ve heard spitting venom at the ‘Wii U’ aren’t Nintendo fanboys. Instead they’re fans of the 360 and PS3 who are not amused by yet another Nintendo console. If they were Nintendo fans just griping, I’d agree with him. As you said within the CoD or WoW or any other enormous community, hate from the community internal is typically just blustering.

They still buy the console, expansion pack, DLC.

We’ll see though.