More ‘Call of Duty Elite’ Details, This Service Is The Future. Better Or Worse.

The premium Call of Duty service is official, after rumor and cloaks and daggers. Its confirmation signals much consternation from a lot of fans, myself included. Whatever the grousing this much is true: Call of Duty Elite is the future. The culmination of a slow gaming galactic boil that has finally gone supernova, and its coming to gobble us up. Gobble! Gobble gobble!

With new details coming out, again, it is clear. Call of Duty Elite is the future. For better or worse.

Read Up: All The Details Are Here.

From a Corporate Fiscal Money Making Scheme, Call of Duty Elite makes sense. It is the pan-medium gaming wunderkind that should be expected for all these sorts of sprawling franchises in this day and age. Integration across the Website Twitter Facebook Superspank Hyperclouds. Franchises such as World of Warcraft have gone already gone this route, and the most pressing question is why Call of Duty didn’t take to tethering tendril to the various variations of the world wide data puke earlier.

You know?

All gaming franchises these days are brands, and all brands these days yearn to exist in every niche and nooks and crannies in every viable medium. If you don’t like the concept of Call of Duty Elite, then you’re going to have a rough go of it in your gaming future. Bunkers in the gaming woods: they’re probably easy to make. Bunkers in the gaming woods: they are where you will want to be.

Clouding clouds and storming streams! That’s the future of gaming franchises. So the bigger question is: is Call of Duty Elite worth the money?

You can only imagine the self-flagellating that Activision has done for ever giving away multiplayer for free. That’s the crux of it really. That’s what it would take for me to give them my money. It’s why I paid for WoW – it was the only way in.

I’m not sold on Call of Duty Premium Wowie Mode. Not in its current incarnation. Leader boards and stats and other bullshit? As people on countless message boards have pointed out, motherfucker!, we get that shit for free in other places. If they pulled some true Machiavellian bullshit like only offering maps through the service? I’d be there with a forced smile.

Call of Duty Elite is the future, this much is certain. Incessant integration. Premium tiers of content. Not just for gaming, but for fucking everything. From brands to tiers of broadband service. Buckle-up.