The Old Spice Guy Campaigns To Play Luke Cage. I’m Not Sold, Are You?

It seems that ┬áIsaiah Mustafa has gone full Sean Young on us and is campaigning to be Luke Cage. There’s a short teaser he, and some other mysterious and undefined powers that be, have cut. Hit the jump for the trailer and my take on the entire thing.

My take: it’s a cool teaser, but it isn’t Luke Cage to me. For starters, I’m not down with the whole Power Man swing. I know he was the role for a good amount of time, but I like the new Bendis-fueled Luke Cage as a guy from the streets who lays down slatherings of smack and is generally indestructible. As well, Mustafa doesn’t swing the hard edge whatsoever. He’s a good looking guy trying to come off as intimidating.

It’s a very well done trailer, I just don’t think it sells the good man as Cage.