Check Out Bruce Willis In Johnson’s ‘Looper.’

Us here in the Den of Omega are big fans of both Rian  Johnson and science fiction. The fact that they’re coming together in ‘Looper’ has us a bit erect. So while it’s typically not worth pumping one out over a single promo picture, I’m pretty stoked for this shot of Bruce Willis in said sci-fi flick.

Check out the big piggy after the break.

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[This image] shows Bruce Willis, who plays the older version of a young hitman played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Confused? Don’t be – I’ll explain after the break. (And so possible spoilers are ahead, but they’re not likely any different than you’ll get in the eventual trailer.)

The plot features JGL as a hitman whose victims are sent back in time from 30 years in the future. He knocks them off and, meanwhile, back in the future, there’s no trace of the crime. But then his future self, played by Willis, shows up, and things get difficult.

This shot seems to have some sort of police or military weapon lockup in the backdrop, and the ropes on Bruce Willis’ wrist suggest that he hasn’t been in his past for very long, as the victims to be (or ‘the victims to…were’? this is going to get complicated) are bound when they’re sent back.

Fugg yeah.