Captain America & Bucky Drops This Summer, Chris Samnee Lives!

What’s going on with Bucky, eh? With Steve Rogers resuming the role of Captain America conveniently around the launch of the Cap movie, I’ve been wondering what the fuck they’ll do with  James Buchanan. Marvel dropped yesterday at least one bone they’ll be throwing Rogers’ protege after he’s relieved of his position.

Co-writers Ed Brubaker and  Marc Andreyko join Chris Samnee on the new title Captain America & Bucky. This news rocks if only because it’s a new Chris Samnee monthly after Thor: The Mighty Avenger was canned. Dude rocks.


“What was Cap like in the early days, before WWII started? This is a question I’ve wanted to explore for years. And of course, the whole series ties directly into what’s going on in CAPTAIN AMERICA and Fear Itself, and sets up future plans for [CLASSIFIED],” said Brubaker. “Getting to work with Marc and Chris, of course, is the cherry on top, since they’re both doing brilliant work here.”

Co-writer Andreyko explained, “Getting to explore unseen pieces of Bucky’s history, from WWII through today, is an absolute blast. Being able to contribute to the Captain America legacy is an honor and a privilege and I can’t wait to see the readers’ reactions!”

There’s a similar thrill for artist Chris Samnee, who revealed, “The scripts I’ve gotten from Ed and Marc so far have been outstanding. I’m doing everything I can to live up to all the work they’re putting into these scripts and pushing myself to make these pages the absolute best work I can muster. And having Bettie Breitweiser handling colors on these issues really take my stuff to another level. She’s an amazing talent and I couldn’t be happier with the pages I’ve seen from her so far.”

I’m not thrilled about the deluge of Captain America titles, nor that the only glimpse of Bucky that I know about is in a flashback series. I want some angsty, Winter Soldier type shit!  But fuck, no one’s forcing me to buy them, and it’s Chris fucking Samnee on the title.