Battlefield and CoD Ad Campaigns To Exceed $100 Million.

EA CEO John Riccitiello was delivering a speech at the Ad Age Conference, whatever the fuck that is, when he dropped some speculation regarding the advertising budget for the next Battlefield and Call of Duty games.  Riccitiello predicted the next installments of  his company’s Battlefield, as well as Activision’s Call of Duty  could see their ad campaigns exceed $100 fucking million dollars.

That’s a lot of Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers.


Riccitiello anticipates that Electronic Arts and Activision will drop “a couple hundred million dollars [worth of] marketing” on the next iterations of their respective shooter franchises, Battlefield and Call of Duty. We’ve got a better idea — why not distribute that money directly to the fans, which they can then use to buy more copies of your game? Like, that just seems like Marketing 101.

I’m not surprised, but I’m amazed. That’s a lot of fucking money. A lot of fucking money for two enormous franchises, that need very little advertisement to make their presence known, let alone push the product. Call of Duty fans, stoaked to the gills and flush with fervor for the next installment, need only be told a date of release and they’re there.

That’s it. I promise you.

I can run this marketing campaign. One advertisement on Monday Night Football or some shit, just cause. You don’t even need that. Don’t even show any footage. Black background, the words “11.11.11, douchebags. Call of Duty.”


I imagine Battlefield is the same way.