The Great Gatsby Is Being Filmed In 3D. Baz Luhrmann Sucks.

I love The Great Gatsby more than I love Watchmen, and the trainwreck that was that adaptation devastated me. This is only going to crush me worse. Not only does Baz Luhrmann suck, but he just upped his fucking blowitude to the next level. He’s filming The Great Gatsby in 3D.

Fucking shit.


The Hollywood Reporter broke the news of the pieces finally coming together in Luhrmann’s puzzle, which was almost canned a few weeks ago before Warner Brothers was rumored to swoop in. Though the novel takes place in New York, Luhrmann shot his last two films — Moulin Rouge and Australia — in Sydney and signed a deal with the New South Wales government to continue the trend.4

Fuck you, Luhrmann. I was actually excited when it was announced you were directing it. I thought that Moulin was deec, but I’m also bicurious and prone to musical numbers. Casting DiCaprio as Gatsby? Awesome. But now you’ve gone and shot it all to fucking shit. Filming the movie adaptation of a novel that exploits the ennui of excess in a manner that speaks to the crumbling decay of the Hollywood machine – a machine that claimed Gatsby’s author, smacks of fucking bullshit.

I am Jack’s Seething Disappointment.