Found! Ralph McQuarrie ‘STAR TREK’ 1977 concept art. Gorgeous.

File under: shit I didn’t know. To be fair, that file is enormous. According to io9, around the time that McQuarrie was dropping the concept art for Star Wars that us geeks have jacked it to for years, he was designing some Trek concept sheezy too. The concept art is for a Trek movie that never got off the ground, Star Trek: Planet of the Titans. However flawed the scripts may have been, the artwork is fucking gorgeous. And familiar. Very familiar. There’s some super-Star Wars overtones running throughout, but that’s pretty win-win, no?

[Caff EditJohn Scoleri points out in the comments section that the final two pictures are not Ralph’s and adds that the “largest selection of Ralph’s Star Trek art (including a number of the pieces reproduced here) was included in our 2007 book The Art of Ralph McQuarrie.”]