Wonder Woman Pencils By Jo Chen Are Sexy Elegance Defined

Was it just last month that we got the Wonder Woman redesign? It feels like forever ago. But good lord does it now seem clunky in comparison to these pencils by Jo Chen. I came across these pencils today on Comics Alliance, who provides the details into them.

Comics Alliance:

Jo Chen’s high-powered rendering abilities have been proven in comics via “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” UDON Capcom work and “Runaways” cover art, but some of the greatest gems in her portfolio came via these Wonder Woman pencils she made for DC’s licensing department, destined for an unnamed mystery creation.

“These pencil pieces of our favorite Amazon were for an undisclosed project for the D.C. licensing department,” she wrote on her MySpace blog in 2009. “Not sure if the project will ever come to fruition but Sonia Choi at D.C. was kind enough to allow me to display them for your pleasure/displeasure/indifference. Hope it’s the first one.”

They’re beyond gorgeous. Hit the jump for the pencils, and check out Chen’s MySpace Gallery right here.