Variant Covers: The Sentry Will Rip Your Ass In Half

Steve Rogers, Welcome Back Yo!

[Variant Covers is a column every Tuesday that breaks down the various titles coming out that week in the world where The Sentry can rip dudes in half even though he’s totally emo.]

Siege #3

The sun is finally shining, spring is arriving, and I’m excited for the next issue of Siege. Yeah man, I’ve been drinking the Siege Kool-Aid since the first issue. It’s such a refreshing spectacle. For starters, it’s short as fuck. This isn’t some prolonged storyline running over eight-issues and nineteen spin-offs. It’s four issues. Four. As well, there ain’t much going on besides people slugging the shit out of one another. Oh sure there’s minor developments and some inspirational speeches by Steve Rogers and others.

But for the most part? Just demigods swinging hateful knuckles at one another.

Last month, the fucking Sentry ripped Ares in half. It was one of the more memorable splash pages in recent memory. Guts and blood and rage vomited across two gorgeously drawn panels. Righteous. The Sentry is more than a blatant Superman rip-off, the dude is a schizophrenic mess with the powers of a God. He’s like Old Testament God, when Our Lord and Savior was totally emo and was like “Thou ain’t listening to me and shit, eat a flood!” They probably hang out.

So this month I’m begging for the throwdown between Thor and Mr. Bobby Reynolds. Listen, I had misgivings about Sentry being able to rip the God of War in half, but so help me if he’s able to take out the God of Thunder. That’s ludicrous. The first time I digested The Sentry splitting Ares like a shitty pizza, I was like, no way. One dude is a God, the other is just some byronic douchebag. So yeah, Marvel. I know you want to pump up The Sentry, but Mjolnir and The Mighty Viking better reign supreme.

What A Lovely Image

Choker #2

The debut issue of Choker was a vulgar, insane, bloody detective story set in some depressingly shitty dystopian future. It should go without saying that I fucking loved it. The first issue laid the groundwork comfortably within the confines of familiar noir tropes. You have the beaten detective taking on a job promising some sort of salvation, that you just know is going to end poorly. What makes it so enjoyable is the odd world that Ben McCool and Ben Templesmith have envisioned. It’s dark as fuck, there’s lots of swearing, and apparently there’s vampires. Or something. The first issue set the stage, and I’m curious to see where they’re going this week with it.

I can’t recommend the title enough, if only because it’s a welcome alternative to my steady diet of capes and tights. Ian, you say, read some totally alternative indie comic book about a dude talking to his goldfish! Now that’s literature in graphic novel form!

No thanks.

I like my titles to be placed firmly in the fantastical, whether it be with mutants, or detectives up to their arms in shit in some dark future. I mean Jesus Christ, this title is set in Shotgun City. Am I simpleton? ‘Cause this shit seems awesome to me.

Just end already.

Green Lantern Corps #46

Oh hey, yay! Another Green Lantern spin-off title that is absolutely essential to understanding Blackest Night. Yawn. Remember how I said that Siege was awesome because it was succinct? Yeah, I feel the complete opposite about Blackest Night at this point. The storyline’s been going on forever, and frankly, I fucking tap out. I’ll be the unshaven dickbag in the corner waiting for it all to end so I can come out again and rejoin the DC Universe. And trust me, if you want a fucking clue as to what’s going on with Blackest Night, you better put up anything with the word “Green” in it. Or you’ll walk into the main title wondering if you Rip Van Winkled your way through the pages that explained everything.

It’s not even that Blackest Night is particularly awful. I’ve enjoyed it to an extent. And while my girlfriend can confirm that I possess very little resembling stamina, I think even comic book readers blessed with righteous amounts of fortitude are ready for this all to wrap up. So uh, read this title if you want any idea of what’s going on.

I’m not going to, that’s what I have a young brother for me. Organic Spark Notes.