Preorder Borderlands, And the Game’s Creative Director Jerks You Off


This is the dopest shit I’ve heard in a long time. I remember reading on Kotaku a couple of weeks ago that Mikey Neumann, the creative director behind Borderlands, promised to hook gamers up. His deal was that if you preordered Borderlands on a particular day, he’d play the game with you and give you epic loots.

Then there was a bunch of hoopla about whether or not he was serious.

Turns out, he fucking was.

Via Kotaku:

Neumann, you might recall, promised three weeks ago to “play BLs with you and give you loot” if you preordered Borderlands and showed him proof. I and somewhere north of 200 people took him up on the offer. Thursday, Neumann found me – just a level 7 hunter out trying to retrieve some guy’s missing fake leg in Skag Gully – and proceeded to deliver on his commitment to all Borderlands day-one buyers, myself included.

“Here you go, dude,” said Neumann, who plays as a Level 50 Hunter – the maximum. And suddenly the Pandoran’s Guns & Ammo fantasy came to life at my feet. The DVL Pearl Sniper (Level 28); an LB U Blast Wrath sniper rifle (level 25). Plus a Ranger class mod that I can’t use until I hit level 22. Right now I’m wondering whether to sell or hoard them. They do carry a serious price tag.

I’ve seen some whacky fucking preorder perks in my time. From Halo 3’s ridiculous Spartan Helmet, which is the quintessence of hardcore gaylord – sorry Finky, I know you read this, and if it was a Stormtrooper helmet, I’d probably be right with you – to the equally choad-sucking night vision goggles for the upcoming Modern Warfare 2.

But those are usually just things that you, you know, spend too much money on to buy and then stick on your computer desk, or hang from the wall, or more than likely, shove into your closet eventually. This just screams downright awesome, as well as appreciative.

I’m kicking myself in the ass for not preordering the game on that day. How many times do you get a chance to play a game and shoot the shit with a game’s creative director, and be hooked up with some uber-swag in the process? Super Ballin’.