PS3 Straight-Up Elbow Dropping the Sales Charts


Oh Kenny Kutaragi, if only you were still active at Sony! You’d be doing cartwheels! The PS3 is selling like god damn hotcakes:


Our top retailers have reported a 300 per cent lift in PS3 hardware sales and an increase of 140 per cent in total hardware revenue across the PlayStation portfolio when comparing the first week of September to the week before the USD 299 price adjustment,” said Sony in a statement.

Holy fucking god damn shit Christ! 300%?! As much as I give Sony grief, I’ve been a Sony fanboy since Battle Arena Toshinden. Microsoft has got to be worried. They have the inferior system, selling at the same price, and oh yeah, they lost the high-definition format wars. If Sony actually gets their online act together, you’re going to need some Huggies.

I dig the console war. Prices are getting cut, companies are getting serious, trying to pander to us customers. Sure, Nintendo may have locked up the Playskool and Dora the Explorer crowd, but let them play with their Tonka Trucks while the big boys fight.