Euro Microsoft Boss: Multiplatform Games Are Better on 360 Me: Absolutely Correct


If you know me, you know that I buy all multi-platform games for my 360. Why? Because I’m a douchebag, duh! Just kidding about the d-bag part. But seriously, why? Because they’re better. Apparently European Microsoft Czar Chris Lewis agrees with me! Go figure!

Via Destructoid:

We have a great journey through to Christmas,” boasts Lewis. “There are key titles that are exclusives but also great cross-platform titles that will just work better on Xbox Live. And in terms of content and networking, we have more content partnerships for Xbox Live.

Countless friends of mine want to punch me in the face. Listen, I’ll break it down for you. And here’s a caveat and please don’t disregard this: I’m buying Final Fantasy XIII on the PS3, and should policy and quality shift, I will flow with it. I’m not a blind fanboy. Click the jump for my reasonings.

First: DLC

DLC is what sold me on buying cross-platform games on the 360. Specifically Fallout 3’s. Now, I don’t give a crap about the DLC for Grand Theft Auto IV. In fact, I don’t give a crap about that game at all. But the fact that Microsoft managed to lock-up at the very least timed exclusives makes me generally float in their direction.

Second: Xbox Live

I know that the PSN is free. But I’ve spent a lot of time grousing about how much I fucking hate it. It doesn’t foster a community, it doesn’t feel integrated. Firmware 3.0 was supposed to fix this. Wrong. Double wrong. All it did was put a link to the Playstation Store under every category. My music! Playstation Store! My videos! Playstation store! My games! Playstation store! BLEGH.

I know for some people the XMB is the second coming of Christ, but I can’t get down with it. It’s sleek as a console interface. I actually don’t disagree with that. But as an online platform, it’s just boring.

And listen, even Sony has admitted they dropped the ball on their online community. So suck it down, suck it deep down, barf it up, and then eat it again, okay? Letting companies make up their own online roles led to anarchy, and even the wizards at Sony release it.

That said, there’s no reason that Sony can’t fix both these problems. And this isn’t an argument about the superior system. The PS3, with Blu-Ray, non-proprietary hard drives, built in wireless functions, and an every-increasing stable of sexy exclusive titles makes a great case for it being a worthy purchase for the single-console household. But as long as the PSN is the PSN, and Microsoft can lure me with seventeen Fallout expansion packs, I’m going to rock the multi-platform games on my 360.