‘Logan’ Clip: A Quiet, Bleak Ennui For The Berserker Turned Chauffeur

Here’s a new clip promoting Logan. It features Logan living a grim, forgotten life as a chauffeur for the drunk and douchey. It’s a bleak, matte existence for the former berserker, and sets the tone for the upcoming movie.

Screen Crush:

If anything, we can expect James Mangold’s Logan will be a departure from the rest of the X-Men franchise. A new mysterious clip dropped by 20th Century Fox today gives fans a little taste of what Hugh Jackman’s next outing as Wolverine will be like.

The man behind the wheel of a limousine in the clip doesn’t look anything like muscled mutant of X-Men movies, often seen bursting with rage and vigor. Here Jackman’s Wolverine is bearded and weary. He coughs while leaving a voicemail about an ad in the Penny Saver for a Sunseeker yacht, and strains his eyes to stay awake while chauffeuring drunk wedding parties around a city. That, paired with the black and white aesthetic, certainly proves Logan will look and feel nothing like Wolverine fans have seen before.

But as quiet as that new clip may be, I can assure you Logan is jam-packed with intensity. In December I got to see the first 40 minutes of the R-rated film, which is full of tense and brutal action sequences, and one particularly awesome one involving Dafne Keen that’s been teased in the trailers. It also looks stunning – what I saw was in color, which makes me think the above footage above might be a flashback.