Weekend Open Bar: Breathe In & Breathe Out

weekend open bar - breathe in

Oh lord, friends! It is the mother-fuck-ing weekend, and not a moment too soon! A stressful week has given way to a temporary haven. Some 48-hours or so where I can shut down my brain, open up my gullet, and eat junk food and watch slop. How the hell are you folks doing? It’s a goddamn mess across the map, with most of the Empire getting ass-blasted by cold weather and snow.

So, why not pull up to the hearth here in the Space-Ship Omega? Why, I say there’s no good reason not to! Grab an adult soda, take a rip from the mind-vapor machine, pop off your shoes, and spend some time with me here at the Open Bar!

Tell me, how are you coping with the trash-ass weather?

Watching some TV?

Playing some Valheim?

Crushing some mother-fuck-ing pizza?

Reading some comic books? I want to fucking know!

Let’s hang out!

This is Weekend Open Bar!